KidloLand App Review – An Ideal Travel App

15. December 2016 App Review 0
KidloLand App Review – An Ideal Travel App

Looking for ideal travel apps for toddlers and young kids. One App I recently had the pleasure of testing was the KidloLand App.


With over a 1000 Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Stories, Activities, and Games for Kids, KidloLand is one App definitely worth downloading. The App is designed thoughtfully to allow little ones explore on their own, or to have mum/dad set it up so they can enjoy and interact with the App.

The App is free to download via the Apple and Google App stores. There are in-App purchases available, as well as a subscription, to allow you to load additional packs of nursery rhymes, song, games, or activities.

Subscribing or buying a ‘Pack’ gives you access to a new selection of stories, nursery rhymes, games or activities; allowing you to download what you need to load on to your device. This leads to the one negative that I found about the design of the App; the ability to password protect downloads within the App. I feel that the ability to password protect downloads within a ‘Pack’ would prevent kids from filling up the memory on your device.

A Great Selection

The App provides children (and parents) with a range of options that are both entertaining and educational.

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes include old favourite’s such as ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and Itsy Bitsy Spider’. But the smart people over at KidloLand have ensured that it isn’t just a ‘sit and watch’ activity, providing sing along words on the screen (kid karaoke?), as well giving children (of all ages) a chance to interact with different characters on the screen.


With a wide range of stories (including Early Reading stories), fables, the App lets children choose the story the want, then choose if they wish to have the book read to them, or if they wish to read it themselves. As with the Nursery Rhymes, children are able to interact with different elements on-screen. To top it all off, the “Read For Me” option provides an evenly paced, engaging and animated voice over to draw children into the story, and to bring the story to life.


The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, and the KidloLand App allows children to explore the alphabet and the different sounds that each letter can make, in a fun way. Once again there are many interactive options on each screen.

Games and Activities

Games and Activities range from tapping games (Splat the Jelly) to shapes, letters and numbers games, coloring in, and Dress Ups.

There is so much available within the App that it would take me a very very long time to list them all.

  • A great selection of games, activities, songs, and nursery rhymes.
  • Great interaction built into every choice of song, activity, etc, and
  • The ability to swap and change the items within the App refreshes it and makes it feel brand new again for your little ones.

Download KidloLand Now via the Apple App Store (KidloLand), Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For Kids) or at the Amazon App Store (KidloLand).

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