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Do you have kids or grandkids whose rooms need updating? Here are 5 easy tips to create a timeless Kids bedroom that they will grow into and LOVE!

Kids are notorious for changing their minds constantly. With these 5 easy tips, learn how to decorate their bedrooms (together) using fun ideas and timeless styles that will save you money and time by creating a room that will easily grow with them.

Timeless Kids Bedroom Furniture, Forty Winks
A room to hang out in. Create in. Feel good in – Oliver Bedroom Furniture, Forty Winks

5 Easy Tips to Create a Timeless Kids Bedroom

When it comes to decorating their rooms, most kids don’t want a bedroom that features beige walls.

Nor would they want a bedroom that full of hand me down furniture from siblings.

Kids want a room they can play in.

A room to hang out in. Create in. Feel good in.

So if you want your kids to enjoy being in their bedroom, you need to create a bedroom they actually want to spend time in.

Below are 5 easy tips to create a timeless kids bedroom that they will love.

1. Colour Code

As in every other room, colour is important in your childs bedroom.

It’s also important to get them involved, to talk to your child about what colour they like before you open any paint tins or hang any curtains. You can then use that colour as your base. Of course, if they’re too little to decide you may have to make the decision for them!
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Once you have a base colour, you can work out your room palette. For instance, if pink has been chosen as the base colour, you can add a couple of more colours that are compatible. But be careful, you don’t want to have too many colours. If you’re not sure what colours work well together, just search the internet for colour palettes.

The right colours can help add to the timeless feel of a bedroom, and will allow you to swap and change smaller details without the major disruption a new paint job can bring.

Now you can break open the paint tin!

2. Add Handmade Touches

Add a unique and special touch to your child’s room by creating some of the décor pieces yourself!

If you’re relatively new to the craft scene, don’t worry. Start with something small such as homemade bunting, or experiment with some framed photos or images. Even bedside tables with a wooden crate or wicker basket instead of drawers can create a different and interesting storage piece.

The internet is a great resource for small craft ideas, and it is worth checking out shopping sites like etsy.com for some original wall decal ideas, or visiting some craft blogging sites like ‘A Beautiful mess’. For other home themed craft blogs, check out Apartment Therapy’s list of ’10 Crafty Blogs we Love’.

3. Let Kids Express Their Style

This is most likely one of the most important tips as it will help ensure that you are able to get closer to attaining that elusive Holy Grail, balancing your own style picks and your child’s developing personality?

Let your child have a say. Allow them to be creative and express their own personality by allowing them to choose some of the furnishings and colours in their bedroom. This is (or will be) their private space, and should therefore be a place that reflects their personality. You need to accept that your child’s room is the one place that’s unique to them, and it’s understandable that they will want a say in how it looks.

Contemporary Kids Bedroom - http://www.houzz.com.au/
Contemporary Kids Bedroom – http://www.houzz.com.au/

The key to achieving the balance is setting some guidelines or identifying some zones for your child to make some choices. If they are colour-mad, then rather than allowing them to choose a wall colour, you may compromise and allow them to pick the colour for the bed?

4. Choose Timeless Pieces For a Timeless Kids Bedroom

When choosing furniture, look for furniture that you could see yourself keeping in your home for years to come.

Simples and timeless kids bedroom
Keep it Simple = Timeless bedroom (Forty Winks)

Do not fill the room with kid-sized decor if you are looking to create a flexible bedroom that will grow along with the little one. So, rather than buying a child-sized dresser, choose one that their clothes will grow into. Invest in a decent quality bed that can be converted into a larger piece with time. If you have the space invest in a double bed over a single.

5. Don’t forget the Storage Options

If there is one room in the house that needs some extra storage, it is the kids’ bedroom. But instead of just buying those toy boxes (see No.4 Choose Timeless Pieces), why not use some wicker baskets, or even a wall-mounted bookshelf for storage and display?

Your little one probably won’t have a strong preference about storage boxes as long as they have their toys. Woven baskets will also serve them well as the grow up.

A decent, timeless, bookshelf is also a valuable addition that will last.

A bench with storage, and even a trundle bed, will also prove useful for years to come.

Bedroom Storage Solutions for a timeless kids bedroom
Bedroom Storage Solutions for a timeless kids bedroom – http://www.decoist.com/


So there you have it, 5 easy tips to help you create a timeless kids bedroom that they will love.

Just remember throughout your decorating frenzy that when it comes to kids, nothing is permanent. Their favourite colours, interests, and styles will change. They will grow from a sweet little cherub, to cheeky toddler, to teenager.

Why design their rooms as a snap-shot in time, when with a little more thought and effort you could both have a timeless space. Yes, there will requests changes as time marches on, but if you’re prepared for those, and you are more likely to be willing to be open to them when they come.

Following these tips to create a room that is able to grow along with your child, can save yourself a lot of time and money in the future.

But Enough About Me

What are you favourite tips or what would you suggest when it comes to creating a timeless kids bedroom? I’d love to know, so leave a quick comment below.

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