Echoes – Trapped in an Art Gallery

03. November 2016 Family 0
Echoes – Trapped in an Art Gallery

The things you’ll do to entertain a 9 month old when you’re trapped in an Art gallery, and she’s discovered the great echoes in the room you’re in.

We recently visited a small gallery to show support for a friend that had some pieces in the show. It was a Saturday morning, so we knew it was going to be quiet….at least until we got there.

We arrived just as the doors were opening and we were pleased to see that there weren’t many others there.

It was going to be a quick visit, but as we finished up our visit, we discovered that the only exit had been blocked off as a performance piece was about to start.

And that’s how I ended up trapped in an Art Gallery, trying to keep a 9 month old entertained in a smaller room, while also trying to ensure she didn’t make too much noise.