8 Natural Induction Techniques You’ve Probably Never Heard Off

26. January 2016 Health, New/Expecting Dads 0

Have you ever heard of going for long walks or having a hot curry as a natural induction technique. How about going for a bumpy ride in the car? Well listed here are 8 Natural Induction Techniques you’ve probably never heard off.

We are currently sitting on the verge of 40 weeks + 6 days, so we’ve been scouring our collective memories and books for ways to naturally bring on labour. We’ve even enlisted the help of a reliable friend, Google. However, as expected, Google has turned up some remedies that I personally have never heard of.

8 Natural Induction Techniques you’ve probably never heard off.

1 – Galloping – this technique involves galloping like a horse. Presumably to encourage the baby to move further down and to start labour.

2 – Placing left foot to the left ear – self explanatory.

3 – Taking a swing – the playground equipment variety. Probably similar hip motion and concept to galloping.

4 – Drinking a combination of Orange Juice and Milk – something to do with the high Ph of one, and the low Ph of the other.

5 – Drinking Thyme Tea – we’ve tried Raspberry Leaf Tea, but this was a new one.

6 – Taking Olive Oil – presumably to bring on a laxative effect similar to taking Caster Oil which can bring on cramps in the bowl, and lead to contractions.

7 – Licorice – the natural kind. As above, a laxative effect. Amongst the foods listed by OBGYN.COM in its article describing natural ways to encourage labour, they list Licorice.

Licorice, real licorice candy, the black kind, is thought to also stimulate the production of prostaglandins. This is due to the chemical, glycyrrhizin. Eating lots of licorice might also result in mild diarrhea, which causes intestinal contractions that may lead to sympathetic uterine contractions. This type of licorice can also be found in tablet form. Again, no definitive research suggests that licorice can induce labor.

8 – Steam – see the link for more info

These 8 Natural Induction Techniques are just a handful of what is out there. The list is just that, a list. The techniques listed are there to inform. It is not advice, and they are not being recommended. Before trying any forms of natural induction you should consult with your Midwife, Obstetrician, GP, or medical team.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you’ve heard of other ‘out there’ induction techniques (or even better have tried them), we’d love to read your feedback; and  if your on the cusp of meeting you little one, or you are just beginning your journey, good luck…and wish us luck too.

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