New Dads and New Babies – New Baby Manual For Dads

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New Dads and New Babies – New Baby Manual For Dads

New Baby Manual For Dads

Sometimes baby cries with dad but not mum. Sometimes they click straight away. Tonight I was looking for some new ideas for a free guide or e-book for new dads and new babies. I started this search with an idea closer to home, to create a new baby manual for dads.

Dads in the Delivery Room - New Baby Manual For Dads

Now I now there are already quite a few web-guides and ebooks already out there for new dads and new babies, but I was hoping to find inspiration, find a new or different angle.

After all, there will always be a supply of new dads and new babies, and that awkward realisation that baby cries with dad but not mum (or vice versa).

New Dads and New Babies

Dads are a strange lot, most lead the first part of their lives not giving any thought to their potential future as fathers. If they do it is often a romanticized (I think I can use that word here) ideal of playing sports with their kids or sharing something else that they love with their little ones.

These ideas rarely stray into the realm of pregnancy and birth, of new dads and new babies. They don’t think about what happens when baby cries with dad….all the time. Of nappy changes, and disrupted sleep, and mastitis, and a lot of other things. This is because men have the luxury of not having to think about most of this stuff when a baby is not in their immediate future.

baby cries with dad - New Baby Manual For Dads

And it is from this that the great market of new baby manual for dads has sprung from. Although this market is still pretty small when compared to the market for new baby guides for moms.

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A Different New Baby Manual For Dads

So back to my search for inspiration. I’d come across some pretty horrendous examples before I stumbled across a catchy and funny (and definitely from a different angle) pdf guide published not by a Dad blog, or a Mom blog. This guide is a creation of a Canadian Public Health centre – Peel Public Health.

I love this sites guidance to new dads:

Taking care of a small baby may seem awkward at first, but over time you will become more comfortable. As your baby grows, you will develop a special relationship. Spend lots of time with your newborn to get to know your baby. – Peel Public Health

Four great pieces of advice that dads are hit with straight away are:

  1. Love, feed, play with and protect your baby to promote healthy brain development.
  2. Do everyday activities with your baby, like bathing or bedtime. It helps to strengthen the attachment between the two of you.
  3. Learn to read the signals that tell you when your baby needs you. You may not always know what is wrong, but your job is to try to comfort your baby.
  4. Make eye contact and talk to your baby. A gentle voice may comfort your baby.

They may seem like obvious things to do, but some new dads try to over think things. Simple, straight forward advice like this can help them get back on track.

Their New Baby Manual For Dads is a nice spin on the usual hints and tips for dads. Laid out like a car owners manual, it guides new dads through things such as:


It is important to start a good routine of regular maintenance. The baby will become much more portable and flexible as days go on. Taking care of such a small baby may feel awkward at first but the sooner you get to it the faster you will become comfortable in the driver’s seat.

through ‘Fuel Consumption’:

A good supply of top grade breast milk and a happy mum are important to top performance of your model.

Father’s support is very important for successful breastfeeding.

all the way to ‘Fine Tuning and Fun’:

For a well-tuned family, it is important to talk to mum and maintain your relationship as a couple. Talk about something (anything) other than the baby. Remember, mum drives this model all day. You may be worried about balancing work and home. This may be a time to look at your options and talk to your partner about them. Plan time together. Go on a date.

And of course like any good owners manual there is a ‘Troubleshooting’ section.

So please, go and check out the Peel Public Health website just for dads; and if you know any new dads then do them a favour and send them over too.

You can find links to their pdf manual for dads as well as ‘24 Hr Cribside Assistance for New Dads‘ consisting of helpful, insightful and not too serious videos.

Thank You

Thank you for sticking around to the end, I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I had fun writing it. I probably spent too much time going through the great manual and the videos.

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