Baby Wearing Like a Boss

07. February 2017 Parenting 0
Baby Wearing Like a Boss

The practice of Baby Wearing, or using baby carriers has been around for thousands of years.   Cultures all over the world recognized the requirement and solutions have ranged from the use of long pieces of cloth, to intricate containers that could be worn by babys parents.

The good people over at have compiled a great list of slings and carriers from across the globe. Check out The History of Babywearing and ‘Modern’ Slings for the complete list. They include:

  • The Rebozo which is used in Mexico.
  • The Amauti in Alaska/Canada.
  • In Papua New Guinea mothers use a Bilum– a net bag held at the forehead with baby hanging at the back.
  • Aboriginal mothers used to keep their babies in carriers made of bark, similar to the cradleboards used by Native Americans but without the cloth covering.
  • Whilst in Asia mothers use a variety of carriers including Mei-tai /Hmong/ Bei(China), Onbuhimo(Japan), Podaegi (Korea) plus many use a ‘carrier’ of long straps which go under baby’s armpits and thighs for back carries.
  • Welsh mothers used to wear their babies in warm shawls, called ‘Siol Fagu‘ (nursing shawl ).
  • African mothers use a ‘Khanga’ which is a short-ish piece of cloth tied around the torso, so baby sits low on the back.

These days, dads are stepping up and doing their fair share of baby wearing. And so, in honour of all those #babywearingdads, here are some great pictures of dads across the globe baby wearing like a boss!

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