My Friend Cayla Doll Banned in Germany

20. February 2017 Parenting 0
My Friend Cayla Doll Banned in Germany

This is Cayla

Cayla can:

  • Talk and interact with you
  • Play games
  • Share photos
  • Read stories

Cayla is a modern day , sporting a denim jacket, leggings, blond hair and potentially the ability to spy on your kids.

A product of Genesis Toys, the Cayla doll (My Friend Cayla) sports state of the art speech to text technology, can be connected to the internet and can answer almost any question when on-line.

But in the last week, Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), the country’s telecommunications watchdog labeled the toy an example of “unauthorized wireless transmitting equipment”.

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The agency was particularly concerned that the toy could record and transmit anything a child says without their parents knowledge.

Not The First Time

Its not the first instance of a children’s product with the potential to be used in a way that parents would not allow, or even suspect.

A story run in The San Francisco Globe titled ‘Stranger hacks family’s baby monitor and talks to child at night’ on February 18, 2017, describes how a family living in Washington found out a stranger had hacked into their three year old sons baby video monitor.

There are countless other stories of baby monitors being hacked into, but the Cayla doll is particularly creepy and scary because it is a toy that children will play with and talk to freely, without any thought given as to what it is recording and transmitting because that is essentially what the toy is designed to do.

You Have Been Warned

The Cayla doll is sold all over the world, including right here in Australia.

I wonder how long before other authorities take the same action as Germany? Until then, you have been warned.

Read more details on the ban imposed by Germany – My Friend Cayla doll banned in Germany over surveillance concerns.


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