Stealing From The Mouths of Babes

16. February 2017 Parenting 0
Stealing From The Mouths of Babes

Dirty Entrepreneurs

Tonight, during a visit to the supermarket, I witnessed what I consider to be one of the worst kinds of entrepreneurs. Those that steal from the mouths of babes.

Dont get me wrong, I all for people getting out there and finding new ways to make a living, or gain some extra income. But this, this was just appalling!

One Way Ebay

There has been a common phenomenon over the last few years of people buying goods and supplies through retail stores in Australia and re-selling them on , targeting specific international buyers.

In the cases that I find to be particularly low, people are buying, and usually buying out all stock, of . Their intent, as mentioned above, is to re-sell the baby formula at inflated prices to buyers overseas. Stealing from the mouths of babes.

Now ordinarily I am all for those in more fortunate countries such as Australia helping out those overseas that do not have access to similar high quality supplies. But….the bulk purchase of baby formula from shops within a local area is not only greedy, it also means that those locals that do need to use that same high quality baby formula are forced to go without, or travel around from centre to centre trying to find some.

Its Happened Before

In 2015, the Business Insider published a story of local Melbourne Mum Jessica Hays who had photographed shoppers in Woolworths Epping Plaza, Melbourne buying trolleys full of A2 Platinum Formula while another woman “guarded” the remaining few boxes left in the store.

Stealing from the mouths of babes
Shoppers clearing the shelves of infant formula in a suburban supermarket –

In tonights case, it was the same brand (A2 Platinum Formula), but this time it was at Woolworths Polaris. I witness a man with a trolley of four boxes checking the items through. When I returned to the checkouts after my shop, I saw another women with a trolley load going through the checkouts. The two knew each other as they conferred briefly in the carpark before loading up and driving off.

Stealing From the Mouths of Babes

Buying out all supplies of TimTams in the local area means that some people will have to go without their chocolate fix.

But…..Buying out all supplies of baby formula in the local area means that some parents of infants, already under stress as most parents of infants are, will have to work harder and look further to find the right formula for their baby. All because a few opportunistic weasels are too greedy to leave any stock on the supermarket shelf.