Evacuating a plane? Don’t carry off your carry-on

05. August 2016 Travel 0
Evacuating a plane? Don’t carry off your carry-on

Evacuating a Plane

Seeing the footage from inside the Emirates B777 that crash landed at Dubai International Airport has pushed my little angry button. As I sat and watched the news the other night, I couldn’t help but think about what I would have done had my family been on that aircraft, Flight Attendants going through the drills and training, evacuating a plane that has just crash landed, and passengers around me were trying to grab luggage while the aircraft burned.

Video shot inside an Emirates aircraft moments after a crash landing on Aug. 3 shows passengers struggling to get luggage from bins as the cabin fills with smoke. (Reuters)

Your Life is not worth a camera (or stuff)

The few items you carry onboard a flight are not more precious than the lives of my family or the lives of your fellow passengers. So please, next time your onboard a flight pay attention to the safety briefing, treat the flight crew with respect, and (touch wood you’ll never be in this position) DO NOT TRY AND GRAB YOUR CARRY ON BAGS WHEN THERE IS AN EVACUATION!

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