Travel Week With Network Dads – #2 Travelling With Children

01. March 2017 Travel 0
Travel Week With Network Dads – #2 Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children

Travelling with children…..or It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Far from being a reason not to travel and seek adventure, children are perhaps the best reason of all to do both…..The 4 Hour Work Week

Over the years we’ve done a bit of travelling with our children. From roadtrips to boat trips, and almost everything in between.

We have been relatively fortunate to have some pretty good mini travellers through most of our adventures, but we have never taken it for granted, and we have always put in the prep-work (which may have been over the top at times) to anticipate their needs and requirements (and ours) before each trip.

Travelling with children

Preparing To Travel

Of course every child is different, and the prep-work required as they get older changes. The good news is as they get older, and more experienced at travelling, they also get better at anticipating what lays ahead, and helping out.

For the first time travellers, the excitement of trying something new can be easily overwhelmed by fear and/or uncertainty. The key, we’ve found, is to have familiar (and easy) activities at hand to help keep them occupied. Whether that be a familiar book for them to read (or for you to read to them), a familiar toy, preloaded handheld tablets/ipads with suitable headphones, or other easily packed activities.

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Below are selection of blog articles from and other bloggers. As always, if you have your own articles that you wouldn’t mind sharing, or comments, then please comment below.

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There are many more resources from bloggers and sites across the web. Remember, travelling with children can be rewarding for both you as parents and for them. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it, because in the end it’s all worthwhile.

Once again, if you have your own articles that you wouldn’t mind sharing, or comments, then please comment below…and please share. Help demystify and normalise travelling with children, and we’ll see you out there.