School Holidays – Whats On – NGV Kids Summer Festival

21. January 2016 Whats On 0
School Holidays – Whats On – NGV Kids Summer Festival

Its a Long Summer for School Holidays:

Its been a long school holidays, as we count down to the arrival of our third daughter the weeks have seemed to stretch out. In the week ahead the temperature here in Melbourne is going to be pushing north of 30 degrees. If your not keen on being cooped up in the house for the remainder of the school holidays, and the thought of heading to the local Shopping Center fills you with dread, then the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) may have just the thing for you.

The NGV Kids Summer Festival is now on and today we decided to head down to the NGV International (on St Kilda Rd) to have a look at Studio Cats, which is a part of the exhibition Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei.

Arriving at a round 11am, we chose to park in the ever so handy underground car park shared by the NVG and the Arts Center Melbourne (a prudent choice on those hot days with little ones – but check the parking rates for weekdays). We were lucky enough today to try out a couple of the workshops and were able to move freely between each of them without too much hassle, or waiting.

Polypropylene Bottle Brush Possum

This was a fantastic model building type activity, with the children building beautiful 3D model of a possum in trees. BottleBrush Possum is designed by leading manufacturer Megara using polypropylene, the same material used by John Wardle Architects in the NGV’s 2015 Summer Architecture Commission.  This activity is heldoutside in the Sculpture Garden (exit through the Great Hall), under the very structure designed by John Wardle Architects.

The NGV Sculpture Garden during the School Holidays

Wishing Flowers with Pip Lincolne

Next it was back to the Great Hall where there are two more workshops (and a One-Man-Band). We tried our hand at making Wishing Flowers first. Another fantastic, hands on workshop, the kids were able to exercise their fine motor skills through the building of delicate flowers using tissue paper/ Inspired by Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei art that feature flowers, transforming blooms and sculpture; Pip Lincolne (Meet me at Mike’s) and friends invite you to create your own flower, and make a wish as you plant it in their Wishing Garden. (Our girls chose to keep their creations)

Draw a Cat with Kat

Our final workshop (before succumbing to the need for some lunch) was a sketching activity. This simple, but rewarding workshop is inspired by Andy Warhol’s early career as an illustrator. The easy to follow instructions highlights some useful drawing techniques and shows children (of all ages) how to draw their own cat, whilst allowing lots of room for individual artistic freedom and flair.  Melbourne-based illustrator Kat Chadwick has created the drawing activity for children and families. Kat shares her illustration techniques and shows children how to draw their own cat in a fun and engaging way.

School Holidays Drawing with Kat

These are just a few of the workshops available during the 11 day long festival. For more workshops and further details, including timings on each day, see the links below.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, creative, engaging, and free outing over the next two weeks of the school holidays, then head down to the NGV Kids Summer Festival. Eleven days of free artist-led workshops at NGV International and The Ian Potter Center: NGV Australia.

If you have also visited the NGV Kids Summer Festival and tried the other activities, or you know of any other great school holiday activities or programs in Melbourne, then please feel free to share your experiences or thoughts via the comments below.

City: Melbourne, Australia

Venue(s): NGV International & The Ian Potter Center: NGV Australia

Dates: 16–26 Jan 16

Cost: Free

 NGV International (St Kilda Rd)

NGV Australia (Federation Square)